• MosaIQ Zoo

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    Fun and educational activities (inside and outside) for many age groups

  • MosaIQ Move

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    Movement inspiration with 48 different physical activities and cooperative games for kids

  • MosaIQ Zoo + Move

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    When combining Zoo and Move, you get an additional 7 complete play cards and and 7 other play activities and games

  • Bumball

    1.795,00 DKK2.495,00 DKKex VAT and shippingSelect options

    A velcro-ballgame for children as well as adults. Easy to learn and fun to play. Sweaty brows and big smiles guaranteed.

  • Play suit

    199,00 DKKex VAT and shippingSelect options

    Choose the suit between our 4 sizes and two colours

  • Ball

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  • Poull Ball

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    New ballgame for everyone. Simple, fun and easy to play.

  • Sapo

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    Sapo is a perfect game for a fun event with friends, family or colleagues. From 9 feet away, metal rings are thrown at the mouth of the hideous frog and the holes in the swamp around it. You can play a single game one on one, or play in teams for 15 000 points. It easy to play and anyone can join.

  • Bumball t-shirt

    129,00 DKKex VAT and shippingSelect options
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