Beskrivende overskrift

Play and motion is important for children and adults alike. We develop our social intelligence through the relationships we form in the community of play. Through games and play, we train our communicative skills and our problem-solving abilities. There is a clear correlation between body and learning – and between play and our social education. When we develop new forms of play, we practise discipline, self-control and our ability to be flexible and think creatively.

Based on this approach to play, we have developed two motion games: Bumball and MosaIQ Zoo.
We created Bumball in 1999 and the game is now played in 20 countries. It is used mainly by schools, clubs and associations, but has also proved useful for many companies as a tool for team building or as an icebreaker.
MosaIQ Zoo has just been launched. It is a game aimed at kindergartens and pre-schools. The game is simple and activates many participants at the same time. In addition, it stimulates important learning processes.

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