Poull Ball

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New ballgame for everyone. Simple, fun and easy to play.


Is a new funny and active game developed in 2010 by a Belgian sports master called Francois Poull.

Two teams play against each other, using a large soft ball. In brief, the point is to shoot down a large inflatable cube from a platform. The rules are simple, everyone is able to play, everyone can score, and as a main rule there is no physical contact as such.

The game will give you a high pulse, good energy and a sweaty brow – it is highly recommendable. The activity guide describes the basic rules, exercises, as well as 6 small games with the equipment.

Weight 12.5 kg


One game/the basic package consists of:

2 inflatable Poull Ball cubes 50 x 50 cm – 1 kilo
2 platforms, with posts and bases
1 ball – diameter 55 cm
1 activity guide

Time of delivery 14 days

Weight 12.5 kg


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