MosaIQ Move

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Movement inspiration with 48 different physical activities and cooperative games for kids


Mosaiq Move contains 48 different physical activities, providing rich opportunity to create a playful and active environment. The activities focus on basic motor skills, basic exercise, physical creativity and individual and social competences.

The MosaIQ Move activities provide, amongst other things:

  • A fun game with lots of challenging exercises for everyone
  • Basic motor skills training progressions
  • Circuit training
  • An active break during everyday life
  • Warm-up for other exercise, sports day, camp and sport events
Weight 2.5 kg


MosaIQ Move

6 animal boards
1 game card
6 explanation cards for the 48 different activities

Weight: 2.5kg

How to use Move

MosaIQ Move consists of 48 different physical activities that create possibilities to organize a play/game movement environment. The activities have focus on basic motor-coordination, basic training, body-creativity, as well as personal and social skills.

With these activities, the participants have to, amongst other things:

  • Trundle & roll
  • Hop and jump
  • Run, feint and dodge
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Wrestle and push
  • Climb and lift
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