MosaIQ Zoo + Move

389.35 ex VAT and shipping

When combining Zoo and Move, you get an additional 7 complete play cards and and 7 other play activities and games


About MosaIQ + Zoo

’With MosaIQ Zoo and Move we have developed a compendium of games consisting of 8 major basic games and 7 minor ones. The focus is on physical and motor training in a playful universe with stories of wild animals, poachers and zookeepers. The activities focus on basic motor skills, basic training and bodily creativity as well as personal and social skills.’

Weight 4 kg


1 Bag
48 Animal pieces
6 Colour pieces
36 Colour bands

1 Play guide with rules, cooperation exercises and info on all 48 animals

6 animal mats
8 play cards
6 explanation cards
Small games

Weight: 4kg

How should it be used?

Use MosaIQ as activity for:

  • A game where everyone can join in and no-one stands still
  • Motor training programs
  • As an unmanned post in connection with station training
  • A movement break in your everyday routines
  • Warming up for other movement, sports events, camps and sports festivals
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