MosaIQ Zoo

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Fun and educational activities (inside and outside) for many age groups


MosaIQ Zoo is a game suitable for everyone but especially aimed at kindergartens and pre-schooling programs. The game combines movement and learning. It may be played indoors or outdoors, it is easy to transport and quick to start off.

MosaIQ Zoo is a story about the animals that have escaped their enclosures in the Zoo … the participants are the keepers who in teams will help the master keeper catch the runaway animals again.

Along the way one or more physical cooperation activities may be implemented as described in the rule guide, e.g. activities such as ‘Feeding the crocodile’, ‘The monkeys have run away’ and many more. They are exercises giving priority to cooperation, coordination and coping. They contribute to the universe of the game as well as to variation from one game to the next.

The cards offer a wide variety of options for games, talking together and movement. The concept of the game is thoroughly tested and may be easily adjusted to suit both kindergarten children as well as older age groups. It is durable and will tolerate water, wind and sun.

Weight 1.5 kg


1 Bag
48 animal pieces
6 colour pieces
36 bands in 6 colours for team subdevision
1 game guide with rules, cooperation exercises and info on all 48 animals

Weight: 1,5kg

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